SX-6 Six-Channel Line-Output Connectors

Country of Origin:
Aluminum sheet

Detail Specifications

This machine is used for no-exchanged OEM head-unit or you have factory installed amplifier. This unique product will accept 2、4 or 6 channels of speaker-level signals from a factory-installed amplifier or head-unit and convert it to a high-quality, low-noise pre-amp signal. Therefore the SX-6 will allows you to use your factory installed source unit and give you the ability to add a really good aftermarket amplifier and processor. And it has level matching controls to allow you to adjust the outputs. SX-6 internal jumpers can allow you to sum selected channels into main channels. This is especially useful for factory-installed systems with actively cross-over speaker systems.

Signal input: Three speaker-level input (up to 50W)
Signal output: Three RCA terminal sets
Signal voltage: 9.5V
Frequency response:10Hz~22KHz
Total harmonic frequency: 0.01%
Input impedance: 200Ω
Other features: Channel summed or separated model, level matching controls, 12V output trigger, SPR-coil to stable power, Philips capacitors, speaker-level inputs (up to 50W), and aound isolation selector.