SPBR the epicenter

Country of Origin:
Aluminum sheet

Detail Specifications

The Bass Reactor , is a bass restoration signal processor with a remote level control. Think of it as an electronic subwoofer turbo charger for your system. It is truly one of the most incredible improvements you can make to your audio system. The SPBR identifies and restores the low bass frequencies mixed down or filtered out during the normal recording process. To optimize this process and maintain the operating range of your subwoofers, the SPBR includes a subsonic filter. The adjustments allow calibration with the tuning frequency of the subwoofer enclosure to ensure maximum operating range and power handling. Additionally, the output voltage can be adjusted according to the size of your subwoofers to avoid overdriving them. Since the acoustics and speaker placements of each vehicle are different the SPBR is also equipped with a center frequency and bandwidth adjustments for fine tuning to compensate for possible bass deficiencies. For hands-on control of the bass , the SPBR comes complete with a dash mountable remote level control.

Maximum level input: 6V
Maximum level output: 10V
Frequency response: 10Hz~20KHz
Total harmonic distortion: 0.016%
S/N ratio: 110
Input impedance: 18K Ohm
Output impedance: 150 Ohm
Bandwidth: 25Hz~200Hz
Frequency center: 10Hz~65Hz