Two Channels Amplifier

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GF-600T / GF-600B
Aluminum sheet
Silver-white panel with black edges
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Many professional musicians and recording engineers and music lovers still prefer the vacuum tube warm sound. True high fidelity ,remaining crystal clear, yet not harsh reproducing natural music , full-bodied life-like. The middle range of vacuum tube is very clear , each instrument has presence , even at very low play back levels. Particularly strong are the second , third, fourth , fifth overtones which gives full-bodied “brassy” quality to the sound.

Power output: 150Wx2/4Ω,300Wx2/2Ω, 450Wx1/4Ω, 900Wx1/2Ω
Impedance: 4Ω 2Ω
S/N ratio: >95db
Voltage: 11.5~14.4V
Channels: 2CH.1CH
Dimensions: 420x235x50mm
Frequency response: 10Hz~30KHz +-2db
Low-frequency range: 40Hz~150Hz/12db SNAdjustable gain: 0.25~6V
Remarks: --Low Pass: 40-150Hz--Philips 5654 vacuum tube, users may change tubes of same number--Can be adjusted to left or right separately

GF-600B is a Class-G high efficient high power amplifier. Class G improves efficiency in another way: an ordinary class AB amplifier is driven by 2-rail power supply. These designs are sometimes called "Rail Switchers". This design improves efficiency by reducing the "wasted" voltage on the output transistors. This voltage is the difference between the positive (red) supply and the audio output (blue). Class G can be as efficient as class D or T. While a class G design is more complex, it is based on a class AB amplifier and can have the same clean characteristics as well.

Power output:150W*2*4Ω, 300W*2*2Ω, 450W*1*4Ω, 900W*1*2Ω
S/N ratio:>95dB
Channels: 2CH.1CH
Frequency response:10Hz~30KHz
Low-frequency range:40~150Hz/12dB
Adjustable gain:0.25~6V
Remarks:--Low Pass: 40-150Hz--Can be adjusted to left or right separately